HE’S UNKILLABLE! – Ultra Modded Fallout 4 – Part 6

Ultra Modded Fallout 4 Playlist!

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Armor and Weapons Keyword
Armorsmith Extended
Enhanced Blood
FTO Stars
Ponytail Hairstyles
Proto Vault Suit
Quieter Settlements
Longer Power Lines
Spring Cleaning
Loving Cait
True Eyes
Workshop Synth Production
Urban Food Expanded
Basement Living
Clean Water
Commonwealth Shorts
Prewar Binoculars
Sporty Underwear
HUD Framework
Better Cooking Stations
Easy Hacking
Give me That Bottle
Driveable Motorcycle
War Machine
Starlight is Bright Again
Sanbag Fortifications
Brahmin Tipping
Combat Zone restored
Killable Children
Widow Shotgun
K-9 Harness
Diamond City Expansion
Iron Giant
Spartan Gear
Full Dialogue Interface


Destiny: The Parthian Shot is Godly! (Crucible Highlight, Thoughts)

I dont always use high impact pulse rifles… but when i do, i use the Parthian shot…
After many patches we finally got a buff to this archetype and im pretty happy with the way things are right now. The Parthian shot is my pulsr rifle of choice at the moment and it does not disappoint. Its not up there on the same level as hand cannons when it come to ease of use, but if you’re a good shot and if you know how to position yourself on the map you’ll do just fine.

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