Franklin vs Trevor (GTA 5 RAP BATTLE)

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This is the first installment of our new series, “Video Game Rap Battles.” In this series we’ll be taking two of the biggest characters in gaming, and setting them up for a 1-on-1 battle.

An animated video game rap battle featuring Franklin and Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5! Who won this battle?

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CLASH ROYALE vs POKEMON GO !! [ one minute rap battle ]

Masih belum bisa move on dari 2016, game of the year versi mobile smartphone

hallo fams, tau khan Epic Rap Battle of History alias ERB, kita itu satu management loh sama mereka di Maker Studios, tapi aku masih belajar banget, jadi belum bisa sebagus mereka ^^ dan sekalian aku juga belajar rap sama J-Flow. J-Flow ini adalah songwriter + rapper yang keren banget looh, coba deh cek youtubenya di

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5. Spotify

music by epidemic sound

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Halo VS Destiny Rap Battle!!! #MOTW | Daddyphatsnaps

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► Raps/Editing/Gameplay: Daddyphatsnaps
► Instrumental: Fifty Vinc

Whats my name

Master chief

Need the top dog well they ask for me

King of the shooter my mastery

Is unmatched, I’m a killer battery

In the first degree on this track for me

I don’t want bungie to be made at me

This rap battle here it had to be

Need to settle this now no amnesty

The best shooter out, blasphemy

I’ll rapidly dispatch you happily

Yea you have a destiny, its agony

And trust me, you won’t go naturally

Giving you shot, I’m practically

Begging you to leave for your sanity

Think on this hard real rationally

I’ll put a halo on your head, 3 casualties

I’m the hunter aka mr Montage

Have you seen the moves gee golly my gosh

I’m a monster, beating me is just a mirage

Hit you with the Melee then a wombo barrage

Skill tier taller Eiffel with game like Michael

Pvp with me, straight suicidal

What you gonna do with that baby battle rifle

And when I quick draw no chance of survival

You really crack back in my days

It was all about the gun play let me rephrase

It was all about the skilled aim, now it’s grenades

And you run from a fight with your coward evades

I man uses his fists doesn’t throw blades

No crutches here jack of all trades

So what you wanna say little time remains

Cus you have as many wins as your shows at egamez

That was really clever I like that line

But times over now the game is mine

I’m the warlock and know the game is fine

I’ll hit you with a Melee that’ll change your mind

Your washed up chief you’ve had your time

I got you like fingertips on your mind

Combalt evolved, your telling me

You shoulda quit at the apex halo 3

You do realize, that without me

There is no you, your a discount me

I’m the chief, savior of the Galaxy

I keep it held down call me gravity

You should thank me, man you should be

Happy that I even placate this lunacy

You don’t even have a campaign truthfully

To go against me is a Mutiny

What you wanna do it’s 2016

And I’m a better you, your running to a blitzkrieg

You think that better ahead and miss me

With that its a new bungie regime

You stole shoulder charge tried to be discreet

But we know where you got that trying to compete

Now you made a comeback but I got you beat

I’m elite, and your to proud to admit defeat

And your best option, is to go retreat

But you won’t do that head hard as concrete

I’m electric make your hair stand like buckwheat

Channel juggernaut flow, cus you can’t touch me

And just when you think you may have a heartbeat

Imma hit you with the breaks vacate your car seat

Make you hit the windshield now you’re mince meat

We the best, I don’t hear when peasants diss me