Guildwars 2 – Legendary Dragonhunter, Bopha Debs [Jynx] – GW2 WvW Roaming 10/24/2016

More bad roaming from yours truly THE Bopha Debs! BEST inadequate WvW roamer NA and alltime best fashion wars hero.

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Song 1) Karin Park – Shine (Nebbra Remix)
Song 2) It’s time to stop – Filthy Frank (Fabrice Lamontagne’s remix)
Song 3) Infected Mushroom – Heavyweight

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Sorry for low quality this is all my computer can handle atm. I will be upgrading soon. thanks again for all the support and stuff. ily


Limura | Minecraft Speedart

Hello people of the world! My name is Steamfox and welcome to another speedart. This one is for my good friend Limura on Twitter. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did go like, comment, and subscribe, and I’ll see you in my next video!



Song: Vexento – Nostalgia

Intro By SwiftShotGaming

Intro Music: Eruku & Moonbeat – Tsuki


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