Why People HATE Minecraft | Animation

Why People HATE Minecraft | Animation w/ TheFearRaiser
A lot of YouTube Drama is taken place in the Minecraft Community and since I’ve been within that community I figured I would finally come out about the subject and bring up the question. Is Minecraft The Most Hated Game Ever? And why I think People Hate Minecraft.

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42 thoughts on “Why People HATE Minecraft | Animation”

  1. i didnt think anyone wanted to take this seriously. but you know its true labeling is hurtful and bad and its not good to make fun of anyone or anything just because you dont like it… @TheFearRaiser your right

  2. You know why people hate today's Minecraft?

    Because of the community itself, it seems they enjoy playing boring gamemodes rather than doing what Minecraft was intended to be.
    A Survival game, a creative game! Look at all the things people did after a couple of years Minecraft came out!
    Look at all those inventions and cool stuff! And actual survival gameplay! That is what the people liked, but now it's full of kids who appear to enjoy Skybox… Hunger Games… all that stuff.
    Thats why people don't like Minecraft anymore.

  3. Minecraft is a really good game I hope notch doesn't take it down because of all these people that are stupid and hate on it

  4. I have been in the community for literally 4 years and I still love minecraft till now and you have explained the whole reason to what happens with these indie/child friendly games

  5. I honestly couldn't agree more… this applies to more than just Minecraft too, it applies to human nature in general. Wish more people could see this.

  6. YeaH LeJeN so much for thatsaying called "don't hate the player, hate the game!" Well yeah sure I've seen how this ridiculous mess has gotten out of hand to just like anything else you've probably never heard about get out until nw. But really I've never had that much intrest for the game though to others that it matters to get a grip yo cuz it's just like what RaiSeR said also TreeCicle!

  7. Don't hate the games, hate the fandoms, they ruin games and shows for casual fans.
    I used to play Minecraft, yeah sure I'm not a kid but the kids ruined the game for me for various reasons. I used to watch Steven Universe, but the amount of SJWs that keep praising SU for the representation of minorities instead of focusing on the story pushed me away from it, and I'm a minority. Here are just some of the things fandoms have done to ruin things for me.

    Fandoms have ruined things for me, so why shouldn't I hate them?

  8. I don't know if someone has already mentioned it, but in the spanish speaking community it gets even worse (I think). There is a youtuber, whose name I'm not going to say, that doesn't swear and plays minecraft, a large part of his audience are kids because of the lack of swearing and most of their comments get to be extremely childish or start attacking endlessly if someone disliked the game or the youtuber.
    Because of this, most people insult minecraft player by mentioning the youtuber and saying how childish they are, labeling the "Niño Rata"(Rat Kid), it has even become a "cool kid thing" to say "You play minecraft? Ha! Rat Kid!"
    Honestly they get as childish as the so called "Rat Kids".

  9. In reality, I hate the game when people I hate played the game which is why I pretend that it's a shitty game even though I secretly play Minecraft.

    Haters come from guilty pleasure so others they hate don't play it or to be edgy or just to feel dead inside.

  10. Minecraft got boring, yes. The updates added next to nothing, and its almost the same game as I last played it. The cringy videos, clickbait, kids, ect. started to piss me off. So I don't play it.

  11. Wait. I did not follow this transition from "People hate Micecraft beceause" to "People hate foreigners beceause" which was incredibly short

  12. I dunno about you, but I thought the screamin' kids were everywhere. It's like the old type childhood, where you ran around screaming with toys, except it's now communicated throughout the world, and the toys happen to be video games. The only respite from them is to go to web-communities talking about 80's and 90's nostalgia, and even then, you can get "GeeWunners".

    Besides, I've subbed to a few Hermitcraft people, I still enjoy some Yogscraft content, and recently, I found myself trying to build a base that only took up 1 Minecraft chunk after years of not touching Minecraft.

  13. I don't understand why people hate on children so much, yes, there are some rather cringey accounts run by children, like mine, but some channels run by children are fairly decent. You never know, those ten year olds that run a low-quality gaming channel might just have their channel grow into a popular channel known by almost anyone familiar to the internet.

  14. i think that people in this world are going against each other, they are mad so popurall games are going down. Before 1000 of years peaople were a team, they fight for there lives together, they live together, they are all together. But today people could kill all of us other. I really wish that we can do something to bring humanity together, I WISH! (crying in myself) (for real)

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