ULTIMATE BASE TRAPS | My Private Ark Server | Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay | Episode 4

This is a less talked about ultimate trap design for your base, great for fending off flyers especially. Quetzal and wyvern are weak to this – this is very effective. Do not knock it until you try it.

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– I do not, and I cannot afford one

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-You know why

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-I am an engineering intern at a Pharmacy company from Janurary to August, working full time!


20 thoughts on “ULTIMATE BASE TRAPS | My Private Ark Server | Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay | Episode 4”

  1. Just wanna let you know that until dimorphs are on their landing sequence, they have a bug where your shots will not register. Been that way for a long time and why you should bola them first.

  2. I think that my thing that motivates me to get to the end of the day is whaling one of your vids and then reading or playing ark

  3. Hahaha remember when you wanted 5k subs lol glad your doing great man and if you don't mind I might go to your server with a little friends we like to have fun :)

  4. Just a suggestion same concept but instead of a metal box use 4 metal dino gate design on metal foundations and of course us metal roof to incase and pin code the doors. so you can open the dino gate cages Via a keypad remotely in your base, hope this helps

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