GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh

Meet the actors who brought the three playable characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, in GTA 5 to life. They’re crazy. Really.

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24 thoughts on “GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh”

  1. Steven definitely looks most like his character. but the others sound more like there characters. I think that's because Trevor is a maniac so he had more rage in his voice.

  2. Was expecting Shawn to sound like Tiger Woods and totally not like his character but pleasantly surprised he's just like us

  3. And if you were wondering if these guys are like their video game character counter parts in real life? Well, Ned Luke (Michael) just adjusted his junk on camera, sooooo…. yeah, I'd say so! Haha!!

  4. It's so crazy how Steven Ogg looks EXACTLY like Trevor! The others look similar, but not to the degree of Steven to Trevor. It's just so weird seeing Trevor as like a real life flesh and blood human being! Lol

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